Understanding Medicare notices

Making sense of various Medicare notices can be confusing for home care providers

Does your home care staff know which Medicare form to provide to a patient who is being discharged because her dogs continue to threaten clinicians when they attempt to make home visits?

Is it the same form required for a patient who is being discharged because he has met his goals and is no longer considered homebound?

Does your clinician know what to do if she discovers on the final visit that an end of care notice has never been provided to the patient?

Medicare requires home care providers to complete an array of forms based on individual patient circumstances and present them to the beneficiaries – making certain patients understand what those forms actually mean.

But sometimes the clinicians themselves don’t know which form to choose, or how to correctly fill it out.

“The need for a particular form will depend on the specific circumstances, and clinicians have to be able to choose correctly,” said Annette Lee, founder of Provider Insights, a home health consulting firm based in Iowa. “But Medicare notices can be confusing to even the most seasoned home health clinician.”

She has teamed up with Home Health Solutions, a nationwide home health and hospice consulting and outsourcing firm, to provide clinician training in the correct use of Medicare notices. Annette’s 60-minute webinar, “The Who, What and When of Medicare Notices,” is now available for purchase in the Home Health Solutions online store, The Solutions Shop.

About the webinar ... The webinar is designed to provide the staff training needed to clear up confusion and explain the correct use of forms such as the Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN), the Home Health Change of Care Notice (HHCCN), or the Notice of Non-Medicare Coverage (NOMNC).

During the webinar, Annette breaks down the parts of each form, explaining the circumstances under which the form would be used and identifying the specific types of information the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is seeking. She provides specific patient examples to make it easy to understand.

“Our goal is to provide a webinar that agencies can use for staff training to field fully confident clinicians,” Annette said. “Clinicians will learn which form to complete, how to complete it -- and what to do when you thought your teammate gave the notice- but did not! We also discuss the timepoints at which you do NOT have to give a notice. Those are just as important, too!”

This is not the first time Annette has teamed with Home Health Solutions to provide an educational webinar. She recently presented “Hospice Care During a Pandemic” with Home Health Solutions Director of Special Projects, Appeals and Hospice Director Heather Calhoun. That webinar is currently offered in The Solutions Shop as well.

“We’re excited to be able to work with Annette to expand our offerings and make more educational products available to our audience,” said J’non Griffin, president and owner of Home Health Solutions.

“We know this is a particularly challenging time for our industry, and we remain committed to providing quality training programs to help agencies shore up compliance and stay on track for success,” J’non said.