Data tracking.... Is there an easier way?

New audit tool offers at least 10 easier ways to mine agency data 

   Need an easy-to-use chart audit tool to mine your home health or hospice agency's data for tracking progress, identifying risk and shoring up compliance?     PIChart Audit was developed under the guidance of Home Health Solutions Owner J'non Griffin when she needed a way to track agency data for her home health and hospice consulting and outsourcing company. HHS has been growing so quickly over the past few years that it was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation by Inc. magazine in 2018.    The audit tool J'non helped develop has been tested and refined under daily use by the teams of auditors who work for Home Health Solutions.  "The right audit tool can save hours and hours of data compilation and analysis, tracking compliance, generating reports that keep management on top of what’s going on and easily identifying who on staff may need some additional training, “ J’non said. "It helps agencies target areas of vulnerability for claim denials and meet Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements under new Conditions of Participation.     Here are 10 ways the tool can help agencies stay on top of more demanding standards: 1. Track your agency's compliance with new CoPs requirements for providing patients their complete rights and responsibilities.  2. Easily find information about your agency's therapy assessment completion rate to determine whether assessments are being completed in a timely manner with required documentation.  3. Track supervisory visits for home health aides for compliance.  4. Is your Face-to-Face documentation in place? Determine your agency's compliance rate. 

5. How well is your agency meeting the new CoPs requirement for a patient-specific emergency plan in each Plan of Care?

6. Generate care coordination reports by tracking follow-ups, conference points, and progress reports made to the physician throughout the episode of care.  7. Measure your agency's completion rate for patient-specific acute care risk assessments required by new CoPs, with required goals and interventions.

8. Track required medication review and reconciliation for each patient. 

9. Are your charts missing documentation supporting medical necessity? Generate the data to help you identify clinicians who made need additional training in this crucial area.  10. Track transfer and discharge summaries to ensure completion within the required time frame, with all required information in place. 

     And that's only 10 of the ways this chart audit tool can generate the data you need to stay on top of your agency's performance. Ready to see for yourself? PIChart Audit offers 10 free chart audits. Visit the PIChart Audit web site to earn more:

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Carbon Hill, AL 35549 


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