Let's talk: Groups for home health

Home health agencies need to join these Facebook discussion groups today! When you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all the changes home health is experiencing, it often helps to talk to someone -- and we don't necessarily mean a counselor!

Did you know there are three discussion groups on Facebook which are filled with helpful conversations about home health issues? Whether you're having trouble uploading validation reports with the new iQIES system or struggling to decide whether to transfer a patient to an in-patient facility with or without discharge under PDGM, it's likely there's someone else who is having the same problems, and talking about it in a Facebook group.

Home Health Solutions sponsors three discussion groups specifically for home care providers -- and one for long-term facilities. Owner J'non Griffin describes the discussion groups as "a place for home health agencies to use the crowd to discuss issues, find answers and share helpful information."

J'non weighs in on discussions as time allows, and other industry experts also join in.

Here's a brief look at what each home discussion group is about, to help you decide whether to join. We've also provided links for joining these groups. These helpful conversations are just a click away!


In the PDGM discussion group, the past week's conversations have focused on LUPAs in the second 30-day period of a 60-day home care episode, how to deal with physicians and referral sources who may bereluctant to cooperate with PDGM's new diagnosis requirements for greater specificity, and case conferencing for PDGM patients.

Group members have been particularly active in this group, which just celebrated its first year and now boasts more than 5000 members. Members often share helpful information to the files section of the group, as well.

Click here to join the PDGM group! RCD DISCUSSION GROUP If you're a home care provider in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio or Illinois, this is definitely the group to join. The Review Choice Demonstration Circle is a smaller group, designed to provide helpful information specifically to the five states included in the demonstration.

But the conversation isn't limited to Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois; the group is open to all agencies.

J'non often says she believes that RCD is coming to every home health agency eventually, so this group is an excellent place to begin preparations. This week's conversations have included whether agencies in RCD are still subject to ADRs during the demonstration

Click here to join the RCD Circle!


The Home Health and Hospice Survey group is also about a year old, and has almost 1,800 members.

Recent conversations in this group include a discussion about where, when and how to properly document a patient's falls.

Click here to join the Survey group now !


There's one more Facebook group we want to tell you about, although this one is not for home health issues. It's for matters of interest to long-term care facilities.

Home Health Solutions sponsors the LTC Solutions goup as well. Discussions in this group often focus on PDPM, which is the new Medicare payment model for facilities and very similar to PDGM. Help us get the word out to SNFs that this information sharing resource is available. Click here to join the LTC group.