Efficiency during a pandemic

Our merger creates new opportunities to help your agency to evaluate its processes and improve efficiency

How efficient is your agency’s current workflow? If it’s been a while since you’ve undergone a review of processes, it may be time for an in-depth review of your organizational structure, service delivery model and management of operation and financial information. Regular assessment of your clinical, financial and business operations is as important to the well-being of your agency as a comprehensive assessment is to determine the status of your patients. It can help identify opportunities for improvement, maximize resources and gain a competitive edge. And that’s true even in the middle of a pandemic, when agency resources may be stretched and margins may be thinner, according to J’non Griffin, President of Home Health Solutions, a Simione Coding Company. “That’s when you really want to make certain your productivity and performance is at peak efficiency and you’re getting maximum value from your organizational practices,” she said. Home Health Solutions, a leading provider of coding, OASIS review and compliance consulting since 2012, merged with Simione Healthcare Consultants Aug. 1. The merger positions the organization to deliver a broader scope of professional services which can help agencies with clinical and financial operations, coding and OASIS, cost reporting, compliance, data analytics, growth solutions, information technology and project management, talent management, and mergers and acquisitions.

“One of many reasons I’m so excited about this merger is that Simione brings to us such an impressive array of professional services to really help agencies at every level,” J’non said. Services specifically designed to help agencies evaluate operational and organizational efficiency include:

· Workflow and process reviews

· Assessment of key indicators

· Productivity and staffing analysis

· Information technology assessment & implementation

Looking to create an improvement plan?

If you’d like tips on creating an improvement plan for your agency, join us for the Leadership Summit 2020, a three-day online event featuring strategies for upholding safety and quality while remaining financially sound.

The virtual program takes place Sept. 29-Oct. 1 from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. Eastern time. On the second day of the online conference, a panel will conduct a strategy planning case study for home health and hospice agencies to execute goals for clinical quality and operations, finance, sales and marketing, and information systems.

The focus will be key drivers of performance, data analysis, and how to implement an improvement plan. Providers will also help to explore leadership development, communication, culture, and employee engagement – tying it all back to organizational performance.

Read more about the Summit and register here.