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Simione Healthcare Consultants launches outsourced billing services for home care & hospice providers

Simione Healthcare Consultants is now offering outsourced billing and collection services, building upon its home health and hospice leadership to address the increasing challenges providers face to manage patient care and requirements for reimbursement. For agencies seeking better results across clinical and financial operations, Simione’s five decades of expertise in financial management can help deliver more timely and accurate payments, offering a significant difference to drive profitability through higher reimbursement, cost savings, and improved compliance.

The addition of outsourced billing and collection services at Simione follows the firm’s August 2020 merger with Alabama-based Home Health Solutions, LLC, (HHS), now a Simione Coding Company. Founded in 2012, HHS has become a national leader in outsourced coding and OASIS review services for home health and hospice organizations. The union with HHS has brought Simione’s longstanding revenue cycle expertise to the outsourcing stage – now with a full complement of revenue cycle services – backed by a highly experienced home health and hospice consulting team.

According to Managing Principal William J. Simione III, Simione Healthcare Consultants’ addition of billing services and expansion of coding and OASIS review have strengthened its advisory capacity and level of service to the home health and hospice industry. “Pandemic and payment changes with PDGM and the RAP process are having a profound effect on agencies’ ability to staff and manage cash flow. We expect many agencies to experience difficulties this year, making it more important than ever to maximize reimbursement,” Simione said. “Our expert teams can have an almost immediate impact on timing and accuracy when we enter an agency to handle its billing, coding and/or OASIS review process. We are working to help every client achieve cost savings through greater efficiency across revenue cycle management.”

“The revenue cycle is much more complicated than ever before in all areas of healthcare, requiring precision with all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management and collection of patient service revenue. It’s fair to say that many providers are finding it difficult to keep up with the demands associated with reimbursement, but help is available that can put the agency focus back on patient care,” Simione said.

HHS Founder and President J’non Griffin, RN, MHA, who has led home health agencies and has managed leading coding teams for more than a decade, explains that the components of revenue cycle management can be cumbersome and inconsistent without the right time, ongoing training, and oversight. “The financial process is underway from the time of referral through the final payment on a patient account. Our teams are certified and credentialed to excel across multiple EMRs, whether for billing and collections, coding, or OASIS review. We focus on strong and consistent results for agencies that unify the financial and clinical sides of the business to ensure that the administrative data, patient care, communication, and transactions result in appropriate payment for the provider,” Griffin said.

Simione’s outsourced services include these resources:


• Bill and collect for Medicare, Medicaid & commercial payers

• Optimize electronic billing

• Monitor daily RTP status, ADRs & denials

• Complete cash posting

• Communicate with operations to resolve unbilled accounts

• File NOE/NOTR to support daily hospice operations


• Maximize your revenue opportunity

• Eliminate costly coding errors

• Shorten the time for claim submission

• Reduce the cost of coding operations

• Improve quality outcomes through more accurate OASIS reviews

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About Simione Healthcare Consultants, LLC:

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