CMS postpones RCD

Review Choice Demonstration delayed for Texas until after PDGM launches in 2020; Florida and North Carolina get more time, too

Hold 'em, Texas! Agencies in Texas can stop making their selections for the Review Choice Demonstration, as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is delaying the RCD expansion until 2020. CMS announced Monday morning (Oct. 21) that it will not go forward with the planned Texas rollout on Dec. 2, and will instead bring Texas agencies into the demonstration on March 2. The delay will affect agencies in Florida and North Carolina, too. CMS said in its announcement that implementation in those states will be delayed until May 4, and that all dates are subject to the Jan. 1, 2020 transition to Medicare's new payment model, the Patient-Driven Groupings Model known as PDGM. "CMS said it will monitor the transition and assess the need for any changes to these dates," said Home Health Solutions Owner and President J'non Griffin. Previously, CMS had said Florida and North Carolina would join RCD next March. Relieved reaction This morning's announcement (read it here) brought jubilation on social media and in training sessions taking place in states targeted for RCD, especially in Texas, where there has been widespread trepidation about joining RCD one month prior to the launch of PDGM. "Texas is feeling like it dodged a bullet," J'non said. "But the new timing certainly doesn't take away all the pressure of undergoing RCD and PDGM at the same time, as Texas will have to resume its selection process only two weeks into the new year." CMS has rescheduled the selection process in Texas to begin Jan. 15 and close on Feb. 13 in preparation for the March 2 rollout of RCD. Medicare administrative contractor Palmetto GBA ended thecurrent selection process in Texas today, saying that agencies which have already made a selectin will not need t make a new selection when the selection period opens back up on Jan. 15. However, agencies will be able to make any changes in their selection through Feb. 13. "RCD will come about quickly on the heels of PDGM, and Texas will need to be ready," J'non said. "This is the time to get agency staff trained and ready for those faster turnaround times coming in 2020."

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