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The Patient Driven Payment Model will replace the current RUG classification system on October 1, 2019. It will be imperative that ICD-10 coding and the GG section of the MDS be answered correctly, thus providing an accurate snapshot of your patient’s health condition and the care that will be required for optimal care.

Long Term Care Solutions is a branch of Home Health Solutions.  We have been assisting home health and hospice agencies for several years with CMS requirements and changes, most recently with functionality in the GG section.

The change coming October 1, 2019, while new to your facilities, is part of our daily business; new to us is the skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. We are fully prepared to assist your facility with these changes from ICD-10 coding per CMS guidelines, accurate functional assessments, and improving your Star ratings.

Long Term Care Solutions recently audited MDS’s from several facilities and found that over 90% of the coding was incorrect and the Primary diagnosis was not placed in the correct category 98% of the time. This error in coding can cost thousands of dollars in potential reimbursement.

Our staff are Registered Nurses, certified Coding Specialists under the direction of a RAC-CT proficient in working the MDS.


ICD 10 Coding
Section GG Scoring 
MDS Audit
Internal Coders Training
Liaison Training
Operational Analysis 
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