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The online consult of the year is now 
yours on demand. 
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Three full days of expert analysis, insight and advice
from Simione Healthcare Consultants on leadership roles, strategic planning, overcoming challenges during a pandemic, forging successful partnerships and more

Purchase the full 3-day, 12-hour event 
for just $199, or choose 
any of the one-day sessions
for $79 each.

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Day 1: Leadership Roles 
Lessons Learned This Year - And A Look Ahead 

Tips and multi-disciplinary solutions for creating a solid future in an industry primed for growth -- even during a pandemic. Learn how other agencies are handling industry challenges. 

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Day 2: Strategic Planning
Process, Practice, Execution 

See the art and science of strategic planning modeled in a full agency role play exercise. Gain a better understanding of how to use data and key performance indicators, conduct a root cause analysis and more.  

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Day 3: Successful Partnerships
Finding Your Fit, Adding Value 

 Identify key components for growing organizational value, explore the current M&A environment, learn to identify trends and opportunities and build positive organizational recovery and growth.  

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