We are a full service consulting firm for both Home Health and Hospices nationwide. We believe that each assessment we perform provides us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of an agency. Having worked in various fields within home health and hospice agencies, our staff is dedicated to looking at your agency as whole. We understand while reimbursements are a huge factor, particularly during a time of heavy government regulation, but we also know the importance of working hand in hand to make you a better, all around agency. We believe in what you do!

Coding and OASIS Review

Home Health Solutions LLC provides outsourcing for coding and OASIS review utilizing the most up to date guidelines in the industry. We employ an all RN staff that are certified coding and OASIS specialists. We will identify any areas in coding and OASIS that can maximize reimbursement while following the guidelines set by the Coding Clinic and CMS.

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement is an essential part of measuring the quality of care provided by an agency. Home Health Solutions LLC will utilize quantitative auditing tools that are easy to read and interpret. We are proficient in most electronic medical record software and can provide feedback either from a remote site or at the agency location. We can perform any portion of performance improvement based on the needs or wants of the agency.

Specialty Programs

Home Health Solutions LLC can provide you with many specialty programs such as psychiatric, wound care, lymphedema, CHF, cardiac rehab, and many more. If a specific specialty program is what you are looking for, we can help create a marketable program that includes useful clinician tools, standing orders and protocols that can be adapted based on the physicians specific specifications.


Whether you need onsite education or remote web based educational needs, Home Health Solutions LLC is all you need. We have multiple educational materials that will guide both field clinicians and administrative staff to succeed in both home health and hospice care. If documentation is your main problem, we can formulate agency specific educational modules that are easy to understand and give the most accurate and up to date information. We can assist with all aspects of education for both home health and hospice. Educational topics such as OASIS, HIS, ICD9-10, plan of care development and wound care management are just a few in the extensive list of educational material that is available to agencies. 

Survey Readiness

If you are preparing for a state survey or are in danger of fines and potential closure of your agency due to condition level deficiencies, Home Health Solutions LLC can help. We have a staff of seasoned clinicians with a combined total of 50 years of experience in all aspects of regulatory requirements. Survey readiness, extensive knowledge of conditions of participation and formulation of a plan of correction are some of our specialties. We pride ourselves in assisting multiple agencies who either are in danger of closing due to survey deficiencies or just want to make sure that they are prepared for an upcoming state survey. We have a 100% success rate in past surveys for both home health and hospice.


Home Health Solutions LLC can assist your management team to create new processes and restructuring in this ever changing industry of home health and hospice. We provide in depth reports and analysis of your current structure. These will aide you in identifying ways to maximize your potential with a focus on consistent growth while maintaining the highest quality of care. We are diligent in our business to insure that you are an industry leader in your business.

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